Apr 12, 2018

SOUNDSCAPE - Insatiable (lyric video)

Prog-metal quartet SOUNDSCAPE to release brand new material.  Cover art revealed.

The Connecticut-based prog-metal outfit SOUNDSCAPE have announced the release of their first new recordings since 2009’s Grave New World.  Rob Thorne (vocals), Todd Rose (guitar), Scott Waite (bass) and Lou Caldarola (drums) reactivated the band and began recording brand new songs last year.  The first single “Insatiable” breaks this Friday on Thorne’s Angel Thorne Music label (SRGILS/Caroline/Universal) and will be available on all online digital formats including Spotify, You Tube, and Apple Music (including MFiT).

“The band has never sounded better,” says Thorne, whose primary gig is fronting the metal band Sacred Oath.  “We all had some downtime over the winter months to really buckle down and get these songs on tape.  I think the first single is inspiring and will definitely give fans a good idea of what’s brewing.”   Soundscape plans to release more songs later in 2018.

Soundscape guitarist Todd Rose put the cover design together after much discussion with Thorne and Caldarola.   “We all feel pretty strongly that this is a unique time in human history,” said Rose.  “The artwork and the lyric video may be disturbing, but look around you.  More people are plugged into their own virtual realities than the living, breathing world in front of them.”

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