Jul 13, 2020

PIROSAINT - Juanzer: Journey of a hero

New York based band Pirosaint have released the track 'Juanzer: El viaje de un heroe', a tribute to our friend, mentor and warrior of metal music, Juan Alvarez.

Juan Álvarez was a consecrated guitarist of the Chilean Rock and Metal scene, starting his career at the legendary Piedra Roja festival in 1970 with his group Lagrima Seca and later being a founding member and creator of the band Feedback and later taking his career to create the Chilean heavy metal icon Panzer Chile.

In addition to being an Event Producer, Radio Personality, and Author responsible for an innumerable amount of efforts to promote and support Chilean rock and metal from his rehearsal room, El Semillero Rock, the annual show for emerging bands, Fonda Rock, the National Rock Tribute award together with the ministry of education, musical instrument clinics in secondary education, even an audio library in the center of Santiago, the National Archive of Rock music and finalizing his contributions to the national medium is his posthumous dream called Rock Chile Foundation.

This video had the participation of Kano Álvarez, son of Juan Panzer, guitarist and current head of the Panzer Chile project, among other projects.

Kano was in charge of selecting and organizing all the images used in the video. The video was edited by Promusicvideo.

Ignacio comments:

“We were forced to do something. Our friend left us and we should celebrate his work. He taught us to see the things we do today when we rehearsed at his Semillero Rock back in the 1980s. We are happy that Kano worked with us on this, that gave us the courage we needed to finish it properly. Kano has been a fundamental part in the life of Juan and Panzer being one more member from the moment he was born.

On this occasion, Gonzalo wanted to sing this track in Spanish since that way the message would reach the people of our country better and of course he was absolutely right, although for many this would be our first official song in Spanish as Pirosaint “.

The music and lyrics were written by Pirosaint and arranged for the occasion. The song was produced by Ignacio Orellana and is included as part of the band's new album, which will be available soon, but has no release date yet due to all the mandatory restrictions of the Covid-19 in Chile.

Pirosaint is:
Gonzalo Rodriguez - Voz
Bill Smith - Guitarras
Ron Buckner - Bajo
Ignacio Orellana - Bateria

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